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Maher Zain (Lahir 16 Maret 1981 : umur 30 tahun) adalah penyanyi R & B Swedia, penulis lagu dan produser musik asal Lebanon. Dia juga tinggal untuk sementara di Amerika Serikat. Album debutnya Thank You Allah, dengan 13 lagu dan dua lagu bonus dirilis pada 1 November 2009, dengan Versi Perkusi eksklusif dan Versi Perancis dirilis tak lama kemudian. Dia bernyanyi terutama dalam bahasa Inggris, namun juga, antara lain dalam bahasa Perancis, Arab, Urdu, Turki, Melayu, dan Indonesia . Lagu yang berkesan menurutnya adalah lagu dengan judul Thank you Allah. Karena lagu tersebut diakui mewakili perjalanan hidupnya. From wrong to the right way. (sumber

Buat teman-teman yang ngefans sama lagunya Maher Zain, berikut ini saya sediakan lagu-lagunya Maher Zain dengan format MP3 dengan bit rate 256  kbps stereo, dijamin kualitas audionya sedap mantap buat di dengar. Silahkan pilih lagu yang kamu sukai dan download lagunya di bawah ini :

  1. Maher Zain – For The Rest Of MyLife
  2. Maher Zain – Sepanjang Hidup
  3. Maher Zain – I Believe
  4. Maher Zain – Thank You Allah
  5. Maher Zain – Baraka Allahu Lakuma
  6. Maher Zain – Allahi Allah Kiya Karo
  7. Maher Zain – Insya Allah Arabic Version
  8. Maher Zain – Insya Allah France Version
  9. Maher Zain – Insya Allah English Version
  10. Maher Zain – Insya Allah Ft. Fadly
  11. Maher Zain – Ya Nabi Salam Alayka

Selamat mendengarkan lagu-lagunya Maher Zain, semoga lagu tersebut dapat menginspirasi teman-teman dalam menjalankan hidup.


10 thoughts on “MP3 Maher Zein

    • Now TDH is just trolling?Bloggers without comments shouldn’t troll.I hope we find out what this thing is. It really does look just like a big mongrel of some kind. Where I grew up, dogs roamed free and unteeyed/neusarpd, and some of the resulting spawn were very strange.

    • Islam's fifth column extends throughout the West, in government, media and social, welfare and civil services alike. It has done well for a dysfunctional ideology, and we have only ourselves to thank for that.We are just one more in the line of successful civilisations before us that have fallen, each believing it was too great to fail.

    • Wow, I’m really excited to hear that it’s finalized and official John! Congratulations! I hope to see you/meet you in person for the first time in Thailand sometime in early 2010, because a host of awesome peers will be here, including Adam Baker, Sean Ogle, Dwight Turner, myself, and others. We’ll have to plan a digital nomad conference or something buddy!

    • Love this way of doing things. It goes against everything we learn and I think that is why I like it so much. It also fits into no mold and allows God to do His thing. God – rarely if ever – did the same thing the same way with people in Scripture and so that is another thing that makes this so appealing.Good thoughts!

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